Noble Glass Co. was founded in the heart of the Emerald Valley, Eugene, Oregon.

At Noble Glass Wholesale we offer premium hand-blown soft glass water pipes. Our designs are original and unique, and unlike cheap imports, our pieces are high quality and artistically blown.

We stand by our work 100% and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. To see our products, please view / download our catalog. The gallery on this page features some of our sales trips and the unique process we use to create our product.

Most people who purchase from us, choose to do so again. We enocurage you to gives us a try, and notice the clear difference in customer services, and the quality of our work.

Below is our instagram feed @ #NobleGlass. We are gaining popularity and tracktion as all of the content below is generated from NobleGlass loyalists! That being said, the content below may not necessarily represent the opinions or (legal guidlines) followed by Noble Glass. Enjoy!
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  P.O Box 3595 Eugene, Oregon 97402

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